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Things You Can Do to Get Better Reception on Your TV Antenna

In recent years, more and more Australians have taken a liking to TV antennas that capture over the air signals and give users the option to enjoy a multitude of channels. This has become a great alternative for those sick of the rising costs of cable and the many other hassles that come with it.There are however, a few tricks and tweaks you can do to make sure your antenna captures the best signal, to generate the best pictures on your TV, and in this article, we will discuss about a few of them.

Choosing the Right Kind

First thing you need to do is figure out which kind is an antenna you need for your TV! There are several options for you to choose from in the market and depending on your requirement. You can go for either an indoor or outdoor antenna, which may or may not be amplified. While outdoor units are more exposed to signals and have the freedom to tower much higher that the roof level of the house, indoor antennas have improved considerably in the recent years to gather equally good signal, not rising more than 30 feet from the ground level! Amplified versions are great for those living far away from a broadcasting tower (more than 30 miles), since they pull signal even from far away towers. However, if you live close to a broadcasting tower, you don’t necessarily have to invest in an amplified version.

Higher the Better

When it comes to capturing OTA (over the air) signals, the height of your receiver will play a crucial role, and this is the very reason why many homeowners go with tall outdoor receivers that tower even higher the roof of the house.

Even indoor antennas which are usually kept near windows must be elevated to as high as possible to ensure best reception. The attic is also a great place to station the unit, but you will have to install long running lines of coaxial cables to connect it to the television downstairs, which can deteriorate the signal if too long.

If you want to increase the height of your antenna and want some expert assistance, go ahead and contact the TV antenna genie crew, who will be at your service fast!

Keep Away from Metal

If there are metallic surfaces near your antenna, you will surely experience some serious signal interference, which will not go away until you remove it from the vicinity. Even if it is placed at an elevated position by window, metal burglar bars or bug screen will do that damage even though you wouldn’t suspect it. So always keep the unit as far away from metal as possible.

Finding the Right Location

Much like height, location too is of very high importance when it comes to getting a good reception. So, before you start constructing a base for our antenna in a location you have selected based on convenience, try testing it out first.

Place it in different spots and each time, run a channel scan on the TV to see which channels are picked up properly and keep track. After trying out several locations, you can select the spot that worked best for you, with the highest channel selection and picture clarity, and station the unit there for good.