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Things to Expect in a Pool Inspection

A swimming pool is one of the best additions you could have in your yard. Aside from adding to your home’s aesthetics and value, it also serves as a great place where you could relax and even entertain guests.

Pool inspections are important since it helps detect issues that could become more expensive repairs when left unchecked. If you’re planning to buy a home or property with a pool, you need to have a pool inspection first before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

To know what you could expect in a pool inspection, read along to learn more.

Pool Safety

Safety is an important factor when considering a pool. Your pool should be safe so you can be sure that your family and guests could enjoy it with lesser risks of accidents and danger. Pool inspectors check the basic safety features of a pool such as the walkways, fencing, latches, and electrical hazards. They would also check if your pool complies with the state safety standards and regulations. If you need a pool inspection, find a certified pool inspector to handle the job efficiently.


There are some pools that have lights inside them. A pool inspector would check the pool lighting and determine what type of bulbs are used. That way, you’ll know whether you need to change it lights if they are old-fashioned ones. The condensation should also be checked inside lighting fixtures since it could lead to other problems such as mould and mildew growth.


Pool interiors usually have liners to help keep the water inside them. These liners are usually made of vinyl which is a durable material against water. However, a small tear or hole in the pool liner can cause the water to seep out and damage the pool’s structure.

Aside from a liner, other pools have a plaster finish to keep the water from leaking out. A pool inspector will check the interior of the pool to see if its integrity is still good and there are no problems that could lead to serious and costly repairs later on.


Aside from swimming, people could also have fun even by just lounging around the pool area. The inspector will check the area around the pool or the decking to see if it is still in good condition and it doesn’t have cracks or damages that could lead to tripping or slipping. Other factors would also be checked such as tilts, pitches, stains, and other issues in the tiling and decking around the pool area.


Aside from the pool factors, the inspector will also check the whole yard to see the overall safety around the pool area. The design and layout of the yard will also be checked to ensure that nothing would affect the enjoyment everyone could get from the pool.

There are still plenty of factors to be checked depending on the pool style the needs to be checked. However, the main goal of pool inspections is to keep you safe and make wiser decisions in buying a property.