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Parking Lot Lighting 101: A Quick Guide

Outdoor parking lot lighting makes it easier for drivers to park their cars, locate them whenever they return, and makes them feel comfortable.

For outside parking, a light intensity of 10-20 lux is appropriate. Nevertheless, in shopping centre parking lots, a light intensity of 30 lux is required. To attain these light levels, LED streetlights and LED floodlights can be employed.

Lighting is frequently provided by lamp posts erected around the perimeter of tiny outdoor parking lots. However, in vast parking lots, this method results in dark regions in the middle. As a result, light poles are also put in the middle of the car park in huge outdoor parking lots.Here are a few ways you can improve car parking light;

Consider controls or dimming lights

When compared to quieter hours (i.e., right after work, about 5 p.m.), the illumination intensity you require at peak times (i.e., right after work, around 5 p.m.) will be drastically different; few of us go shop at 2 a.m. Because traffic levels will inevitably fluctuate, it’s worth thinking about adjusting the illumination levels to accommodate the traffic.

 This will save a significant amount of electricity while also ensuring that the system is not over-lit. During the dark hours, this helps to avoid possibly obnoxious light. When integrated with an Intelligent City System, LED light sources and sophisticated lighting controllers (ranging from PIR to video detection systems) can be utilized to trigger illumination level adjustments. This saves energy while simultaneously guiding pedestrians.

The Location

Wherever possible, use landscaped areas or pathways for column placement to avoid creating risks. Consider how the area will be used by traffic along with all of the available parking choices.

Make sure that areas like entries and exits, ticket machines, and signage have plenty of light. Have you been inside a car park in which there was no light and you couldn’t read the pricing signage?

Use white light

The finest car park lighting ambiance is created by white light. It helps CCTV by providing a clean vision of the parking lot. It also enhances landscaping and architectural aspects while providing a sense of well-being.

The source of light must have a minimum colour rendering of 70Ra, with 4000K or warmer neutral white light recommended.

Minimise glare

Modern lights, particularly LED goods, should include optics, attachments, and glass that better manage light than it has ever been. When we say “minimize,” we truly mean “do not generate any.” It is better for the planet and your power bills to use the proper quantity of light at the appropriate time and in the right place.

Lighting should be focused on the primary automobile parking area, with nearby buildings taken into mind. Consider light bleed into rear windows or gardens if the car park is in a residential location, as this could be a legal nuisance if a homeowner complaint to their local council.

Reduce the number of columns as much as possible. Pick light sources with little upwards light and mount arms and lighting fixtures with a zero-degree slant. It’s possible that using fewer columns with higher mounting heights will reduce clutter and service points.

A higher-powered source of light with a higher installation height can sometimes be the most cost-effective and least visible approach to illuminate a large area than a “forest of pillars,” but all of the criteria above must still be taken into account.