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Cost-Efficient Ways on Heating a Pool

Nothing is more relaxing than swimming in a warm pool. You could just stay in the water for a long time and feel the warmth that soothes your body and senses. In some cooler places, pool heating is a common thing. However, pool heating doesn’t come cheap and you’ll really have to spend a lot just to have this wonderful feature in your pool.

The amount of energy used by your pool heater greatly depends on the size of your pool and the amount of heat it loses. When planning about pool heating, it is important to consider how to reduce heat loss from the pool as well aside from the type of heating system to be used.

There are different types of pool heating systems available but all of them can incur significant energy costs when being used. If you’re worried about the cost of heating a pool, here are some cost-efficient ways that would keep your pool warm and comfortable to swim in.

Install Pool Insulation

When building a pool, always include insulation in its core plan. Pool insulation helps reduce the heat loss from the water. Since the ground temperature is relatively cooler than the ideal temperature in a pool, the heat from the water escapes into it. Your pool heater needs to work extra to maintain that warmth that is just constantly escaping. Be sure to put some pool insulation around the structure of the pool to maintain the temperature better and reduce energy costs on your heater.

Consider the Pool Location

The pool location plays an important role in pool heating a well. You could actually enjoy free pool heating by making the most of the natural heat source – the sun. Build your pool where it could get the maximum sun exposure in your yard to have a natural source of heat for your pool. It is also best to have your pool shielded from the wind to reduce heat loss and evaporation.

Choose the Right Colour

The pool colour actually affects how hot or cool your pool stays on regular days. Darker colours retain heat more and stay warm. On the other hand, lighter colours don’t absorb much heat and stay cooler than darker coloured surfaces. For better pool heating, it is best to opt for darker colours in your pool. Choosing pool colours is more than just aesthetics after all.

Opt for the Cheapest Heat Source

Lastly, to save on your energy costs, choose the cheapest source of heat for your pool heating system. Solar is the best way to enjoy pool heating without an added burden in your electric bill. Be sure to install the solar panels on a location with maximum sunlight exposure for better efficiency in your pool heating system.

Pool heating doesn’t really need to cost you a lot. By applying these simple pool heating tips in your backyard pool, you can surely have a warm and comfortable pool without having much strain in your budget.