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Basic Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Beautiful

Having a garden adds beauty to your home. Whether it is a flower garden or any other kind, having plants growing around your place makes it look more beautiful and refreshing to the eyes. Maintaining a garden is not that complicated at all. However, because of busy schedules, some of us don’t have much time to tend to and maintain a garden. To make things simpler, here are the basic ways in maintaining a garden that definitely works no matter what kind of plant you have.


If you’re growing shrubs in your garden, pruning them from time to time is an essential maintenance step. Although plants look fine even if they aren’t trimmed or pruned, this procedure actually does them a lot of good.

Pruning is simply trimming off some parts of the plant to limit its size, shape it, or even encourage development of flowers or fruits. Many people find this process challenging especially in determining the limit up to where they could prune. If you have a hedge at home that needs to be maintained, Jims Gardening can do this task perfectly for you.


If you want your flowering plants to continue blooming through the season, deadheading them is important to maintain them. Deadheading refers to the process of cutting off spent flowers to prevent the plant from setting seeds.

This process encourages the plant to continuously produce more flowers instead of forming seeds, keeping your garden in full bloom even after its flowering season has passed. It’s not that complicated to deadhead flowers; however, it should be done regularly as one of the basic maintenances for a flower garden.


Water is one of the basic needs of plants. It is important to water your plants regularly especially during dry season to keep them looking lush and healthy. However, each plant has different moisture needs. For instance, younger plants need more water compared to older ones.

Also, plants that are exposed more to the sun require more watering compared to those that are under the shade. Watering is best done in the evening during hot weather to give the plants more time to absorb the water instead of drying under the sun. On cold weather, watering is best done the opposite way.


Aside from sunlight, plants get their nutrients from minerals in the soil. The longer you’ve been using the soil, the more its nutrients get depleted that’s why they need to be replenished to keep the next plants healthy. There are two options for plant feed – organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Since inorganic fertilizers are made from synthetic chemicals, they are not that much recommended. Organic fertilizers are made from plant and animal-based materials, making them safe to be used on your garden.

Knowing these basics can help a lot in keeping your garden look at its prime all year round. You don’t need to be stressed out in taking care of your garden. Simply follow these procedures depending on what your garden needs to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.