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Aluminium doors are the new trend: here is why

Back in the day, wooden doors and windows were popular among people compared to aluminium doors and windows. But in modern society due to the improvement of technology, this was changed and aluminium is being used to make doors and windows for houses. Gradually, people adapted to use aluminium furniture due to many advantages such as affordability, flexibility, durability and better options to choose from. 

The main advantage of using aluminium doors and windows is that there is a wide range to choose from. The basic colours also have shifted from black and white to many other colours of your choice. You can always customize your aluminium doors and windows in companies such as eagle aluminium in Melbourne.

Through this article, you will be able to gain an insight into the options you have for aluminium doors and windows in the market. 

Types of aluminium doors in the market

Sliding doors – this is the type of door which is ideal to use for a patio and any area you need to have an unblocked view to your backyard or beautiful scenery. It is perfect for restaurants or houses with a view. Sliding doors take less space and the design of this door will make it easy when attaching different types of curtains and blinds. Moreover, tilted windows could be attached to these doors so that you don’t have to open the main door every time you need some fresh air. 

Casement doors – if you are expecting to make a grand entrance to your home, this is the ideal design. This design usually comes with large, clear glass panels with large frames. This door will also give you a more panoramic view of the surroundings. 

Lift and Slide doors – if your house or building has very minimal space for doors and windows this design will safe more space. This is the type of doors that are used in modern houses. These doors are easy to operate yet provides a decent level of security. 

Types of Aluminium windows in the market

Tilt turn windows – this design enables both vertical and horizontal movements, and this allows more air into your house since the windows open inwards. This type is ideal for houses with limited garden space or small balconies. 

Bi-fold windows – the main advantage of these windows is that it requires less maintenance and very easy to maintain when necessary. Since the window is opened to be stacked to aside, this will not disturb your view of outer space. 

Sliding windows – these are the most basic and popular type of aluminium windows. Since these windows only require few parts to operate it is very easy to maintain and this design in affordable compared to other designs. 

Casement windows – this design is ideal for houses located in a place which the breeze blows. You can adjust the angle of the window according to the amount of wind you need in the house.

Likewise, selecting a door or window for your liking will ensure security and a modern look for your house.