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6 Things to Consider Before Renting an Industrial Heater

Before you rent a heater, make note of the below points. They’ll help you pick the best one and find the right shop to work with. Read ahead.


Heaters can be dangerous; they produce heat by burning fuel. You’d need good ventilation for the gas produced to escape. Unfortunately, there might not be a lot of ventilation where you work. You can try and create ventilation by increasing the number of windows in the space. However, this might be extra work and money that you don’t want to do.

Type of Heating

In line with the above point, what type of heating will the unit do? Heaters that could be fire hazards use direct heating systems. Their names are pretty self-explanatory. You might want to opt for alternatives that make use of indirect heating. Luckily, many companies offer indirect heaters as well as direct ones.


What type of energy will the unit use? As mentioned, heaters burn fuel to create heat. You’d probably have to purchase the fuel from a third-party supplier. Hopefully, the shop you’re renting from would be able to recommend someone.

If multiple shops are renting the units, the best would be any that is offering fuel too. This saves you time and possibly money.

Although not as common, electric heaters exist as well. If you’re not a fan of a large electric bill, you’ll stay away. But they are the superior choice if you care about carbon emissions.


How big is the space you need to heat? If it’s a large area, you won’t be able to use just any heater. It needs to be a larger one. The best shops would have a diverse selection of low and high end industrial heaters to choose from. You’d be able to get one that is the perfect size.

Just know that larger units would also need a larger space to be stored. Unfortunately, you may not have a lot of space. The bigger the heater, the more maintenance it might need too.


Speaking of maintenance, who will take care of the rental? You’d be spending a lot of time and money if you have to do the maintenance yourself.

The business you’re renting from should be dependable too. You may need to use the heater urgently, but there’s something wrong with it. The team should be able to tend to it immediately.

A Permit

Some heaters require you to get a permit. This depends on your local municipal council and where you live. You could get in legal trouble without the document.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum all the points up. There are many things to keep in mind before renting a heater. You’re advised to place on in a spot that would be ventilated well – the gas being produced would have nowhere to go, which would be dangerous. Speaking of danger, indirect heaters and electrical options are the best choices – they aren’t fired hazards.

Of course, make sure the shop you’re renting from is reliable.